EF Collection Gold and Diamond Oval Locket Ring


+ Description

The Gold and Diamond Oval Locket Ring is one of designer, Emily's, personal favorites. This meaningful piece is perfect for keeping loved ones close to your heart and makes for an excellent gift. The oval face—featuring a glistening border of diamonds along the front—opens and can fit 2 printed images inside.

+ Details

• Diamond weight: 0.11 cts. Locket length: 19mm. Locket width: 15mm. Locket is slightly convex. Adjustable at 18" or 20" chain. Available in yellow, white, or rose 14k solid gold. Diamonds are SI1-SI2 clarity with G-H color

• Custom order in 14k Rose Gold or 14k White Gold, email or call for inquiries

• In stock: Yellow Gold, finger size 7. Jewelry is about commemorating a milestone. In order to help do so you can select a special moment in time-a phot-and size it to fit your locket. For the oval ring your photo should be 1.4cm by 1.8 cm. Once sized and printed, cut your photo in the shape of the locket, place your photo securely inside of the locket, using the prongs to hold it into place. Wear your beautiful locket and loved ones close to your heart.

+ How to care

• Jewelry:  take caution to keep harsh chemicals away from the precious metal and stones.

 • Store your jewelry individually in its original packaging between wearings or use a protective case that will prevent minor damages caused by contact with abrasive surfaces.

• Keeping your jewelry clean is also important. Use a soft cloth to maintain gold's luster. We also recommend you to clean diamonds with a soft, clean, damp cloth after wearings.

+ About The Designer

Here at House Of 29 we search for unique, different and exquisite jewelry; resulting in a group of special curated designers who add their own personal touches and trade marks to their jewelry. The designers unleash their creativity and inspirations through out their life which then translates into stunning, beautiful jewelry that you must have!


Emily Faith Goldstein understood at age 24 what the fine jewelry market was missing: Approachable-priced, thoughtfully designed pieces made for women like herself. Upon recognizing this void, Emily began to design and create her own pieces, launching EF Collection in 2010.

 Fine Jewelry Houses are historically generational handovers; however, Emily was determined to see her vision of delicate, feminine pieces at approachable prices through and shake up the industry. In 2012, after accepting an initial investment from her Father, Emily began selling her pieces at her local hair salon. She found herself there Thursday through Saturday for the next three years. During this time, Emily steadily built up a Direct to Consumer Clientele, paid back the initial investment to her Father and hired a Publicist. Two years later, in 2014, EF Collection secured it’s first luxury department store partner - Bergdorf Goodman, forever changing the landscape of and introducing fine jewelry on the 5th Floor (5F).

Today, Emily continues to create pieces using 14K gold handset with diamonds, precious stones, and most recently enamel. Understated and simple, yet glamorous EF Collection offers a beautiful balance between relevant trends and timeless design. 

Since 2010, EF Collection has also garnered red carpet status as seen on Emily Blunt, Margot Robbie and Jessica Alba; while becoming a mainstay on celebrities such as Taylor Swift, Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Chrissy Teigen. 

A Note from Emily...

"I design for the everyday woman and draw inspiration from the world around me - Art, Fashion, Travel, Nature, Friends. I try to put an unexpected twist on classic forms keeping my pieces feeling current yet timeless. For me, less is more. While my pieces are delicate my hope is that they still make an impact. Whether paired with jeans and a tee or a cocktail dress my ultimate goal is to make women feel beautiful on the outside, in turn allowing their inner confidence to truly shine!"


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