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FLORAL So Many Mini Tube


+ Description

Honoring past traditions of beauty and well-being. In this  "So Many Mini Fresh Tube" set you will find the the best of both worlds collide. This set is like the fresh air we all love so much. Introduce this set of mini freshness in to you self love and care routine. What is included? You get 2 salt glows, 1 sugar glow and 3 different body whips that you can alternate each day with.  Start off with the salt or sugar glows.  Use in the shower after cleansing, as part of an at-home pedicure or in the bath for a hydrating and purifying soak.  We recommend, no matter which one you choose to use; give the mixture a good stir upon first opening to re-combine the salt and oil as they may separate before first use. Then lather your self in any of the soy body whips found in this set. Soy isoflavones have been proven to brighten the skin, boost collagen and improve skin tone and texture.  The anti-aging power of Vitamin C and the rich hydration of coconut oil to create this fluffy body cream that we have a hard time keeping in stock. Once you try it, you’ll understand why.

+ What Is Inside?

• Salt Glow is a blend of triple-milled sea salt suspended in an all-natural blend of wheatgerm, grapeseed and Vitamin A and E oils. Use in the shower for a quick exfoliation or add a scoop to your next bath for a detoxifying and hydrating soak.

• Sugar contains a natural level of Alpha Hydroxy Acid which renews your skin on a cellular level as the finely-milled crystals eliminate any dead skin from the surface. The combination of sugar and our nourishing blend of wheatgerm, grapeseed and Vitamin A and E oils work together to reveal a radiant glow that you’ll want to show off.

• You get a total of 6 mini products.

• POPPY is a blend of crushed poppy petals, ivy leaf, and lime. Both energizing and uplifting, these notes are a perfectly balanced blend of fresh and floral.

• CHAMOMILE evokes  sun-drenched meadows. Healing chamomile, golden berries, and green grass create a happy blend that soothes the skin and calms the mind.

• IRIS is a walk through a midnight garden. Lush with purple freesia, iris petals, and pear, this blend is made even more enticing by the addition of deep amber and patchouli base notes.

+ The Story 

Honoring past traditions of beauty and well-being.

Skin Apothetique is a line of nourishing personal care products created in the spirit of honoring past traditions of beauty and well-being. Rather than jumping on the latest beauty trends, we at Skin believe in building on the wisdom handed down from past generations. We try to honor this lore by hand-mixing luxurious formulas using only high-quality ingredients. Our pantry of natural herbs, fruit, honey and oils enable us to create products that soothe the body and the senses.

For thirty years we have been honing our craft by producing some of the best personal care products available. Skin Apothetique is one of today’s best-kept beauty secrets.


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