What is House of 29?

The Story Behind House of 29
Sarah, a dedicated, passionate curator.  She is elegant and classic.
Arlene, a mother-to-all, clothing and accessory fashionista. She is classic funk.
So what is House Of 29 you ask? Our premise is we do not stop until we find your perfect want, YOUR 29. We strive to find each and every customer that perfect something.

Why 29? The number 29 represents that special day you were born. Sarah's birthday is July 29th. Therefore, when you shop with us in store and online we want you to feel like it is YOUR special day. We want you to feel revived and come out of your shell, step out of your comfort zone. We help you find your perfect want, something you have been searching for and looking to discover. House Of 29 is your encyclopedia of unique, boundary pushing designers. We hand select each designer and introduce it to you. We obsess about each and every piece we bring in and offer to you. We do the search and curate for you.

House of 29 is a Lifestyle Boutique, offering a wide range of every category from jewelry, to clothing, to shoes to home, to beauty. We are always growing and discovering new designers for you that you will want to add to your House Of 29 collection.

Want to create a a whole look? We can do that for you. We are your personal stylists. House of 29 is jewelry, clothing, shoes, accessories, beauty, home, and more; for the rule breakers.  Discover, love, and, embody a unique curation of designers from House Of 29, from jewelry and fashion. Follow us @houseof29.

House of 29, Lifestyle Boutique by Sarah, is a fashion house dedicated to searching for up and coming designers in the fashion market. We have a brick and mortar store and an online boutique. You can also find us @houseof29 via social media. We carefully hand pick and curate a collection of both fine jewelry and fashion jewelry, clothing and accessories from designers who are just about to hit the mainstream. We aim to find unique ‘basics’ and staples that are timeless and classic, yet have a bit of an edge. We are always on the hunt for items that best suit our clientele, which is women of all ages. We do offer a limited collection of mens and children’s items. We strive to offer each and every customer personal, exceptional and individualized customer service. We also offer personal styling. We want our customers to be able to find their entire ensemble all in one place. We are a family business representing 2 different decades and different styles. We all work together buying, finding pieces that represent each of our different styles, while staying true to the same aesthetic. We do not stop until we find your perfect want. Your 29.

We are a team comprised of a mother, Arlene, and, daughter Sarah. It has always been a dream of ours to work together each utilizing our strengths and combining our talents to create a small boutique, House of 29, Lifestyle Boutique By Sarah, in our community, Chappaqua, NY. Once we began to see this team become a reality, we realized we wanted to reach beyond and bring our boutique out into the world, hence houseof29.com was born.

Sarah has over 20 years of working in retail (she started working in a local boutique at the age of 12!), specifically in the world of fine jewelry and fashion jewelry.

Arlene has decades of experience in retail as well, working with clothing, handbags, shoes, and accessories.

Together, as a family, our worlds intertwined, creating a new vision for a boutique…Fine Jewelry, Fashion Jewelry, Clothing and Accessories. A highly curated shopping experience. A One Stop Shop where you can find your entire ensemble.

We had been talking about opening our own store for years, and, finally we decided to go for it and follow our dreams! After suffering a devastating house fire and loosing everything, our concept of life began to change. We realized we would rather have different, unusual items, unique items, rather than pieces that you would see yourself coming and going in. Following this path that life had taken us on, we translated this into the concept of House of 29, Lifestyle Boutique By Sarah. Thus, House of 29 was established and opened its doors in 2015.

It is definitely a family affair for us at House of 29. We have a family lineage of both a love of fashion and tangible work within the fashion and design industries. Sarah's father, Alan, worked in the fashion district in New York City for over thirty years. And, Big Al often gives his input when buying for House of 29. Her grandfather worked in the fashion district for over sixty years. Both of Sarah's grandmothers were lovers of fashion. Sarah’s husband Gal, using his expertise, built and designed the interior space for the brick and mortar, with its black and white checkerboard floor and vintage red chandeliers.

Empowering women, helping women express themselves through the world of fine jewelry, fashion jewelry, clothing and accessories. Fusing the feel of a small store that you would find in New York City, along with designers from around the globe, we strive to know each and every customer by their first name, know what he or she likes as far as fashion and take a very personalized approach to selling, which is an absolute must. We love styling our customers, knowing their jewelry and clothing wardrobes. Assisting in building your wardrobe is what we do best. There is nothing more gratifying than seeing a customer’s face light up in a piece she has purchased from House of 29.

What is the story behind the name? Shop with us to find out! And, the lips in our logo…Arlene’s mother was a lover of red lipstick, as was Arlene. Both women instilled this passion and love of red lipstick to their daughters and granddaughters. The lips are an ode to Arlene and her own mother and their collective love of fashion. Feel good. Look good. Always feel so good. We are your one stop shop.

We do not stop until we find your perfect want. Your 29.

Ciao X,
House of 29

Sarah and Arlene