Maura Green Hand Carved Lovers Tarot Sacred Symbol Tablet Charm in Silver


+ Description

MG's Tarot Cards and Sacred Symbols are individually hand carved by real people, which means that each tablet is one of a kind. There are natural variations in the colors of the shell as well as the variation by the hand of the artist.

The Tablets are then hand set by a master setter in New York City in a high polish 14K Yellow Gold basket, which displays an evil eye, a symbol of protection, so the pendant is completely reversible.

The Lovers: In Tarot, the Lovers card has multiple meanings. It can of course signify a romantic love or relationship, and a perfect union of two like minded souls. It can also signify making an important choice of the heart, and the commitment and faithfulness and work that must follow through any such decision. It can be about committing to ones passion or purpose. It can also be about the duality within each of us and the push and pull between temptation and making the right choices, a reminder to seek balance and harmony within ourselves.

The Design on our Lovers Tarot is inspired in part by the archaeological discovery of the “Hasanlu Lovers”. A famous pair of 2,800 year old skeletons found to have died in an embrace in Iran.

+ Details

• Sterling silver setting and sterling silver chain measuring 18" *photograph is gold, but the actual piece in stock is sterling silver*

• Measurements in Inches: 1.25” x .75”

• Hand Carved Mother of Pearl

+ How to care

• Jewelry:  take caution to keep harsh chemicals away from the precious metal and stones. 

MG's hand carved talismans are not intended to be worn in water. Please do not apply perfume, or other chemicals while wearing your carvings. Handle with care and store in a safe, dry place.

 • Store your jewelry individually in its original packaging between wearings or use a protective case that will prevent minor damages caused by contact with abrasive surfaces.

• Keeping your jewelry clean is also important. Use a soft cloth to maintain gold's luster. We also recommend you to clean diamonds with a soft, clean, damp cloth after wearings.

+ About The Designer

Here at House Of 29 we search for unique, different and exquisite jewelry; resulting in a group of special curated designers who add their own personal touches and trade marks to their jewelry. The designers unleash their creativity and inspirations through out their life which then translates into stunning, beautiful jewelry that you must have!

Maura Green, knows that jewelry can be deeply personal, and she creates her pieces “to endure, to transcend, to celebrate, to remember, to protect, to shine.” Maura has her own inspiration when creating a piece, but the wearer’s own intention and perspective is what activates the pieces, brings them to life and makes them meaningful.


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